Luca De Nardo approached the world of photography 12 years ago.


Like all special things that happen in life, his approach to photography is casual and someway unexpected.

After working for years in the world of communication, marketing and online publishing, formerly manager in structures of the Lombardy Public Administration and in the world of private entrepreneurship, he decides to abandon everything and immerse himself in new forms of language in order to tell stories through images, choosing photography as a tool to paint emotions.


His continuous research and experimentation led him to discover some huge gaps in the modern language through which the magic of life is told: from female universe to the world of nature and the environment. From portraits to commercial, to nudes and macro photography.


He doesn’t find satisfying what he sees, especially when it comes to narrate and describe the female nude as an essence and not as a container, but even less when he comes to deal with female eroticism as content. He therefore began to tiptoe around the delicate subject of the nude and Eros as a form of artistic expression.


In this period Luca De Nardo collaborates with magazines of primary national and international importance, obtaining dozens of editorial paper publications and covers (Playboy, Men’s Health, T3, Fluffer, Muze, Riders, Vogue, TuStyle, Fotografare) and dozens of publications and online interviews (GQ, NIF, Anormal Mag, ArtAbout, AffariItaliani, ArstLife, OnlyArt) adding a wide experience in training dedicated to photography as an expressive art form.


Today Luca De Nardo is recognized as one of the most representative Italian interpreters of the art of the nude and female eroticism.


He has already published the first 4 books dedicated to Eros in a series that will consist of 10 publications.

In the last two years, his eagerness to discover and look at ordinary things with an extraordinary eye has brought him closer to the world of nature, where he has developed a research dedicated to the environment starting from the small, infinitely small, using macrophotography to highlight the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us. From the small to tell the whole, the whole that surrounds us.


In this regard, he has published the book “MACROVISIONI” (MACROVISIONS), a journey through images with which he enchants us and shows us what everyday life makes us forget and overlook.

He is also a lover of street and travel photography with the aim of telling the story of peoples and emotions, and has published two books



Awarded in 2014 in Rome at the world final of “The Look of the Year” as the best photographer of the year.

In 2016 he will realize the exhibition in Naples at Spazio Intolab the exhibition – “NINE – Beyond eroticism” a path of 81 photographic works in ICM (Instant Camera Movement) technique through which a new conception and vision of female eroticism is told.


Tutor for over 7 years for dozens of Workshops and Masterclasses in Italy and abroad, he has trained hundreds of people towards a new vision of photographic language.

He was born in Rome in 1967 and is the father of two beautiful children.


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